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Converting Account as a Spectator, or Watcher...

2016-09-28 14:00:29 by MofetaFanBoyNG

You can tell from my disgruntled emoticon posted for the journal, as well as for how I'm going to bitch in this journal, yeah. As you can tell from it, I'm probably not gonna post any recent arts I've made anytime soon due to how Newgrounds of today works. I'll most likely just be here as a spectator or watcher for some content makers I enjoy, of all kinds right here. So yeah, I'm not deactivating my Newgrounds account, I'm just going to be an NG watcher until something changes, or something else happens. I don't have a lot of watchers here so it's nothing to fret over, but I do love and appreciate those who have stuck by, even when I'm not as active on here as I should be. Nevertheless, I'll be around, until I DO decide to change up this account, or make something that does fit to some people's taste. Until then, thank you everyone, and adios.


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