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Me Neglegance to Newgrounds

2016-03-03 22:15:07 by MofetaFanBoyNG

Some of you may not care, some of you are wondering. Yes, I am still active, I'm just not able to post on here because my "limit exceeded" or something, or maybe I just don't have enough "good" material to be put into Newgrounds. I will post some stuff eventually, then again, looking back, I can see why would people on here give a rat's ass about what I post. Oh well. I will post when I'm capable, if someone on top of Newgrounds would let me.


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2016-03-03 22:40:14

Try disabling adblock if you have it, alot of people are having issues.

MofetaFanBoyNG responds:

Sorry for the late reply. I already have and it's working now. Thanks.