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You can tell from my disgruntled emoticon posted for the journal, as well as for how I'm going to bitch in this journal, yeah. As you can tell from it, I'm probably not gonna post any recent arts I've made anytime soon due to how Newgrounds of today works. I'll most likely just be here as a spectator or watcher for some content makers I enjoy, of all kinds right here. So yeah, I'm not deactivating my Newgrounds account, I'm just going to be an NG watcher until something changes, or something else happens. I don't have a lot of watchers here so it's nothing to fret over, but I do love and appreciate those who have stuck by, even when I'm not as active on here as I should be. Nevertheless, I'll be around, until I DO decide to change up this account, or make something that does fit to some people's taste. Until then, thank you everyone, and adios.

Can't Post Arts

2016-08-01 17:37:32 by MofetaFanBoyNG

Is there a reason as to why I can't post any more arts on here anymore? Let me know, because I'm trying to be more active in other medias. I can't post anymore art beause of a sudden "character limit" or soemthing along the lines like that. This is becoming annoying. -_-...

Some of you may not care, some of you are wondering. Yes, I am still active, I'm just not able to post on here because my "limit exceeded" or something, or maybe I just don't have enough "good" material to be put into Newgrounds. I will post some stuff eventually, then again, looking back, I can see why would people on here give a rat's ass about what I post. Oh well. I will post when I'm capable, if someone on top of Newgrounds would let me.

2014 was great and all, but let's make 2015 much better, that is if I'm active on here. Expect some posts of arts I've done in the last days of 2014

Practicing THREE Programs

2014-10-08 17:23:31 by MofetaFanBoyNG

I have both Toon Boom (Studios and Animate Pro) and Flash Pro. I'm practicing on all three and trying to get a feel on how it is. So far, I'm liking Flash Pro more. Toon Boom Animate, I'm still working on and Toon Boom Studios? I've had it for some time. What should I do? Nevermind, I have tutorials and steps to help me out. This is gonna be tense... I REALLY wanna animate.

Bringing Toon Works

2014-07-10 18:40:28 by MofetaFanBoyNG

I've neglected this place and my page for far too long, I'll be posting some more works here soon and hopefully it'll be something. Whether safe or not, it will be up when I get the chance. Alrigthy then. TTFN

Testing Out Animations...

2014-05-29 02:08:01 by MofetaFanBoyNG

Hey... I know I haven't been on here for a while and I know I haven't posted much here either, although I'd love to post my stuff on Newgrounds, I somehow feel, unwelcomed, when I do. People here expect something mostly dealing with flash-made games, animations, and "better" illustrations. You know what? I'll try and create an animation that I hoipe is welcomed here in this elitist-filled sea, known as "Newgrounds". I'll try and make them well, and they will look "complete", since the WIP stuff are also unwelcomed. Expect something "motion-based" while I'm working on it, for now I'm either testing out the programs, toggling with animation processes and faving anf following here on the NG.

That's all I have to say here. If I wasted your time, I'm sorry, then again, why did you even read this in the first place? Anywho, until then, PEACE!!!

Sorry for the Absences

2014-03-30 16:33:53 by MofetaFanBoyNG

I'm sorry for the absence, I was busy with other sites and here on Newgrounds, I've assumed people expect only animation and high-ranking shit about animation, flash games and even arts and stuff like that. I know there are some of you who're not like that but others have become the majority of it and, I don't know... I will post some left over arts here whenever I get the chance to or whenever I feel like there's more that's neded here. Again I'm sorry for being invisible and all. I blame myself for not being so active on NG as I should be with other sites I go to. Thanks for reading, or if it was a waste of time for you then why did you even read this in the forst place?

Anyways, I gotta go now. TTFN

Happy New Year

2013-12-30 22:38:19 by MofetaFanBoyNG

I know I haven't done a lot here as of late, but I will post some new arts here as soon as I can. But before I do, I wanna wish everyone a happy and healthy new year and I hope 2014 will bring you a better time in the year than what many of us went through in 2013.

One more time, Happy New Year. :3

Early Christmas Gift!!!

2013-12-02 22:07:34 by MofetaFanBoyNG

I finally got Toon Boom Studios as an early christmas gift. Thank you sis for this wonderful gift! Now I need to start by watching some tutorials on Toon Boom and then try it out for myself. :3 I'm anxious in a good way. :D

That is all. :3 Be wary of any animations I'll be doing. :D